Whiskey JoeWhiskey Joe is a bluesman. He is also a goblin, although he doesn’t care much for his goblin form or for the fairy realm. He prefers singing on the streets of New Orleans, strumming his banjo or blowing his harmonica. When necessary, he does what Grumwald asks him to do, but he does it in his own sweet time. He enjoys the company humans, especially children.

Whiskey Joe appears in these books

Proposed Rips in the Weave cover

desertrose_cover small ftgm_kindlecover The ReunionMind of a Mad Man cover

Stop-motion animation featuring Whiskey Joe

Whiskey Joe likes to play harmonica and dance a little when he’s in a really good mood.

Some Whiskey Joe stories are not in the books (yet). Here’s a little Whiskey Joe romantic short.


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