We have started creating dossiers for the characters in the Dime Store Novel series. Each week we’ll be posting one or more new dossiers to give you a birds-eye view of the characters. Of course, the dossiers will only tell part of the story. You’ll need to read the books for the rest. Occasionally we’ll include facts in the dossier that have not yet been used in a book. Keep your eyes open for Easter Eggs too. We thought it was appropriate to begin with our first Dime Store Novel character, Swampy.
Name: Swampy Alias: Swamp Rat Address: Deep in the swamp Height: 5’8” Weight: 150 lbs Hair color: brown Eye color: brown Birthmarks or other features Bite scars on right arm Occupation: Trapper/trader Date of Birth: 1876 (approximate) Education: No school. Believed to be literate. Religion: Tribal beliefs, some Biblical knowledge Relatives: Amadahy (grandmother, dec) Captain Phillip Morris (grandfather, dec) Agatha (spouse) Boo (dog) Hanover Fist (godson) Background: True data of birth is unknown. He was born in the swamps, but his parents disppeared shortly after his birth. Swampy is usually dependable as a guide when visiting the swamps. Skills: Hunter/trapper, pig rearing, herb gathering, swamp boat pilot, known to communicate and associate with swamp animals and large flying insects Arrest record: None known. Has been questioned as a witness.