Striking Angels, the sequel to Angels in Hell’s Kitchen will be available for pre-order on Amazon any day now. Today we’re ready to reveal the cover. The front cover, drawn by Rodger C. Francis II depicts a few key characters and places in the book.

Cover art for Striking Angels depicts two angels, the Luckless Shamrock tavern, Sue-Li Chong, fireworks, a knife, and a gun.

Striking Angels cover art

We are trying something new with the back cover. Instead of talking about the authors and showing the authors’ photo, we have a photo for five of the characters in the story with a few sentences about their perspective on the events in Hell’s Kitchen.

Back cover that shows photos of Duncan O'Malley, Maggie Bloom, Jiao-long Chi, Prudence Fletcher, and Dawg.

We’re curious. Tell us what you think of our cover design.