High Rollers coverHigh Rollers takes another leap into the future. It takes place in New Orleans in 1925. Prohibition is in full swing.¬†Mary O’Malley is grown up and ¬†working for Hanover Fist at his private detective agency. Regan Worth, a childhood friend of Mary’s and the daughter of famous jazz musician and bootlegger, Blazing Fingers Worth, shows up and offers to pay Hanover to escort her to the christening of a new casino riverboat. Hanover’s not big on society events, but he agrees to go because his one-man detective agency could use the cash to pay rent. Besides, he is lucky at dice. They both discover something odd about the A. Neon Mud Imp — and it’s not just the opium Regan smokes. Read an excerpt

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Characters in High Rollers

regan worth Hanover Fist mary o'malley maggie bloom Caprice


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