Name: Toledo Cats Alias: None Address: 115 Magnolia St. New Orleans Height: 5’7”               Weight: 140 lbs Race: Jamaican American Hair color: black       Eye color: brown Birthmarks or other features: None Occupation:  Herbalist and midwife Date of Birth: November 12, 1899 Education: High school graduate Religion: Suspected voodoo practitioner  Relatives:  Sassafrass Cats (mother, dec. father unknown) Delilah Cats (aunt) Jesse Cats (uncle) Voodoo (cat)  Background: Owner of Ring of Life Herbs and Charms.  Associates with former police officer Hanover Fist. Although most believe she is sane, she has been seen talking to plants and spiders.  Skills: Renowned midwife, avid gardener, herbalist, cook Some belive she can create potions with mystical powers and  can look inside your soul. At the New Orleans PD, we discount such stories.  Arrest record:  She has been brought in for questioning, but has never been formally charged.
Mama Cats gave birth to Toledo in 1899 after an unusually long pregnancy. Toledo never knew her father growing up, but she learned a lot about herbs and gardening, and midwifery from her Mama. She also spent a lot of time adventuring with Hanover. Their adventures continue even after they grow up.

Toledo appears in these books
ftgm_kindlecover The Reunion Mind of a Mad Man cover


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