Camp Nanowrimo badgeRachelle Reese and John E. Miller will be participating in Camp Nanowrimo in July. Camp Nanowrimo is a virtual camp for authors. We each pledge to write a certain number of words on a project in the month of July. Each day we log our progress and we support each other, and encourage each other to produce.

Rachelle will be writing Louisiana Snowflake, which takes place in both Hell’s Kitchen and New Orleans in 1906. Louisiana Snowflake will tell the story of how Mary O’Malley and Regan Worth came into this world. Hanover and Toledo are children in the book and they go on adventures of their own.

John will be writing a Dime Store Novel with the working title of The Reaper. It’s a brand new book, so a lot of the details have yet to emerge. We do know that the story takes place in New Orleans during the late 1920s. The Reaper will introduce a new character who has a complicated addiction, which is also her power.

We’ll keep you posted on our progress throughout the month of July. In our August newsletter, we plan to publish excerpts of both books.  So if you haven’t signed up and you want an early look at these two books, sign up today.  July should be an interesting month.