We have a lot of things in the works and we want to keep our fans up to date. Therefore, we have started a mailing list for our monthly newsletter. If you subscribe to our newsletter, you will receive a PDF of a short story The Canary’s Silence by Rachelle Reese. The Canary’s Silence is a Lovecraft-inspired story that takes place in a little mining town during the 1950s. Kids are disappearing down in the depths of the Bonne Terre caves and Bridgette is falling in love with a long-haired beatnik named Jeremiah.  What does comic book-enthusiast Stanley have to do with it? He’s a Cantwell Commando.

The Canary’s Silence has not yet been published, so you will be among the first to see this preview for an upcoming series of YA horror novellas called The Cantwell Commandos.

As a newsletter subscriber, you will receive a monthly email that includes announcements, a free story or preview of a longer work, and other benefits. We have some exciting things in mind for the future. I hope you’ll join us as we explore new ways to tell stories and discover new stories to tell.

Live your dream. Write your nightmare.

Bonne Terre Mines picture
Bonne Terre caves (www.visitmo.com)

3 thoughts on “Announcing our newsletter

  1. Cannot wait to see more of your new YA series! Awesome!

  2. Thank you, Robyn. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

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